Portland, Maine – the campaign for sensibility.


In Portland, Maine a billboard and bus stop campaign is going strong.

The focus of the public awareness campaign is the direct comparison between the effects of alcohol and the effects of Marijuana in an attempt to educate the fine citizens of that state to the reality of this valuable quality of life medication.

So what is the reality?

What is the comparison?

37,000 deaths from alcohol per year. 0 deaths from marijuana per entire human history.

Alcohol damages the brain. The CBD element in cannabis minimizes brain damage caused from binge drinking.

Alcohol is linked to causing cancer. Marijuana is linked to inhibiting cancer cell growth, stimulating appetite, and pain relief.

Alcohol can result in physical addiction, including withdrawl symptoms that include death. Marijuana is not addictive.

Alcohol increases risky behavior that results in injury. Marijuana does not.

All of these facts are helpfully linked and cited on the main website for the public education campaign: MarijuanaisSafer.org.

Campaigns like this remind us here at the Goddess not to take the legalization in our state for granted. Just because these facts and figures are well known and obvious to us, doesn’t mean that they are known to the larger population. Just because it’s helped one loved one with pain management or disability, doesn’t mean that someone else’s loved one isn’t rotting in jail because they live in a state rife with ignorance and prejudice.

Sometimes the best challenge to ignorance is to place a smile face on a bus stop and state the truth with a link so the individual can go and read the scientific studies for themselves.


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