Side Effects Include Happiness

Side effects include happiness.

There is no risk of heart attack, blod clots, or vomiting.

Unlike other medications, marijuana won’t result in explosive diarrhea.

Watching pharmaceutical advertisements on the television for medications is hearing a quickly scrolling list of the painful and unpleasant side effects. The kinds of medications that require pushy prime time adverts to sell well are the ones that cause horrific physical effects.

What are the most common side effects of medical marijuana?

Hunger, happiness, and pain relief.

Collectives, like the Goddess Delivers, don’t give medical advice. We won’t tell you how our medications will specifically effect you because the results vary from patient to patient. Each individual must consult their doctor and try the different varieties for themselves, testing dosage and flavor.

This is possible because no one has ever overdosed on marijuana.

I repeat, it is not possible to overdose on marijuana.

It is, however, possible to nap.

You can ingest enough medication to make you sleepy enough to power nap through even the most intense pain. Or you can take just enough to get the beneficial effects without interfering with day to day functions.

So what is the downside of smoking?

Smoke inhalation damages your lungs.

Luckily you don’t have to smoke medical marijuana.

The greatest objection to the best pain management option on the legal market is destroyed by the fact that medical marijuana patients don’t have to inhale smoke. We can suck on lozenges, swallow pills, or inhale vapor.

Don’t like those options?

Put a couple tincture drops in your tea.

Eat a vegan spice bite.

How you take your medication is up to you.

The Goddess Delivers is here to provide options.

Options whose side effects include happiness.

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