The Brooklyn Weed Fairy

Gawker, The Huffington Post and Gothamist  are all reporting that New York City has their own answer to California’s Ganja Goddess (yours truly).

“These are tough times,” reads a subway station flyer with a small pinch of marijuana taped to its surface “take this weed & keep your spirits high.”

So reads the calling card of Brooklyn’s Weed Fairy.

We can’t imagine why anyone would smoke something they found taped to a piece of paper in Brooklyn, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Just like the Goddess, the Weed Fairy also has a twitter account that, until quite recently, was very silent. One of the Weed Fairy’s most recent tweets said that the strain being plastered around the borough is the sativa dominant hybrid, Kushage.

The Huffington Post had an exclusive phone interview with the Weed Fairy, who explained that she was distributing weed that she had no intention of smoking.

Despite the media attention the Weed Fairy could still be planning to provide her cannabis to the men and women of Brooklyn:

The weed fairy also seems to be interested in expanding her efforts into the music industry:

We wish the Weed Fairy and the residents of Brooklyn the best of luck.

Now, your city might not have a fanciful Weed Fairy, but why would you want to scrounge around subway stations hoping for a bowl of  mystery weed when The Goddess Delivers right to your door?

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