The Week in Marijuana News


VICE: More and more US veterans are smoking weed to treat their PTSD

A highly suggested read, this Vice article profiles the shameful lack of care the US government provides to its veterans, and the lengths that some vets have gone to treat their PTSD. The article explains that vets are using cannabis to help cut off the connections between normal everyday stimuli and the traumatic events of the front line. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Read the whole article here.

Huffington Post: Marijuana Market Poised To Grow Faster Than Smartphones

The Huffington Post has reported that due to the wave of marijuana legalization movements, and the sudden growth of the market as a whole that the cannabis industry is ready to “outpace” the American smartphone market in terms of annual growth. This comes on the heels of the recent findings from Gallup which found for the first time in the pollster’s history, that the American public favor legalizing Marijuana. There are of course several grains of salt that should be taken with this article, so don’t celebrate just yet.

Read the entire article here.


RTE News : Legalization of cannabis motion defeated in Dáil

Surprise! A European country has voted to NOT legalize marijuana. The Irish parliament recently voted against legalizing marijuana in the country in a landslide vote of  111-8.

Read the entire article here.

Cannabis News: Canada Rolls Out a ‘$1 Billion’ MMJ Industry

Welcome to Canada, where even when you have it good you still have it kind of bad. The conservative lead government has decided to scrap Canada’s almost decade old system of publicly managed medical cannabis distribution. What the government has decided to do instead is transfer the right to cultivate and distribute to the private sector. The industry is expected to dramatically grow under this new system, but many advocates for publicly run marijuana distribution criticize the government for taking away their right to grow marijuana at home.

Read the the entire article here.


The Nation: Why It’s Always Been Time to Legalize Marijuana

If you’re in the mood to read another article arguing for drug reform then we highly suggest this piece. Using the steady arguments that summon the ludicrousness of the country’s past prohibition on alcohol, the fact that our three most recent presidents have all admitted to smoking in the past, and that the drug is hardly as mad as the reefer campaigns of the 60s made it out to be, the publication argues for the complete legalization of cannabis.

You can read the entire piece here.

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