The Week In Marijuana News


Rohrabacher: New momentum for relaxed marijuana laws – OC Register

You know times are really changing when a republican senator from Costa Mesa speaks out for legalization. Rep. Dana Rohrabacher recently spoke out on the rapidly changing public opinion about marijuana and the sudden surge of legalization efforts that have blossomed around the country. The senator things that these changing attitudes will help push a new bill he’s introduced that will stop the Fed from meddling with state marijuana laws.

Read the entire article from the OC register here.


Seattle to Light Up City With Public Pot Party – TIME magazine

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Washington’s shift to legalized marijuana there will be a “weed festival at the Seattle Center’s old Fun Forest amusement park” where guests can celebrate with all  the usual festival fare but with the addition of smoking marijuana. Sounds like fun doesn’t it? Happy one year, Washington!

Read the rest of the article from TIME here.

Arizona’s medical-pot program actually works like this –

Arizona Doctor Gina Mecagni wrote an impassioned response to a piece written by the Arizona Republic editorial board, “Cheech and Chong would love Arizona’s medical-pot law” calling the piece “upsetting”.

Here is an excerpt:

I have been an emergency medicine physician for 12 years. One thing almost every one of my patients has in common is that they are in pain. Pain is the warning signal our bodies use to let us know that something is wrong.

Many patients present to the ER with chronic pain. Old injuries (reflex sympathetic dystrophy, arthritis, malocclusion, poor wound healing), adhesions (any abdominal surgery), migraines, chest pain, joint and extremity pain (rheumatoid arthritis, autoimmune disorders, septic joints, bone spurs), pelvic pain. Chronic pain encompasses all of these things as well as many others.

Does that make it less real? Should I turn them away from the emergency room because chronic pain just couldn’t be a reason someone would turn to a physician for help and relief? Fakers. Con artists. Drug addicts.

Unless you are old. Or have cancer. Right?

Read the entire response here, and the editorial board article that inspired such a thoughtful and well written response here.

Top 10 Cannabis Studies the Government Wished it Had Never Funded – Higher Perspective

Quite the snappy list. The article does a nice little rundown of some government funded studies on the effects of marijuana that were (one could say) an effort to demonize the plant. The studies however only bolstered the argument that Marijuana’s vices are greatly outnumbered by it’s virtues.

Take a whole look a the list here.


Strawberry Banana Marijuana Pancake | Recipe – 

We have no words for how delicious this looks. Give the recipe a try and tell us what you thought about it?

Find the recipe here.

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