Measure M: Vote for Inclusive, Diverse LA Cannabis Industry


A step forward for marijuana delivery services in LA comes as the City Council’s Proposition M gains support of the pro-pot community, detailed in this article by LA Weekly. It replaces the restrictive measure the UCBA Trade Association originally proposed, which allowed only 135 marijuana collectives in Los Angeles, excluded delivery-only or 3rd party delivery collectives, and split the pro-pot vote. That measure would have likely excluded Goddess Delivers from operating. The UCBA was pressured by the city and Southern California Coalition to drop their industry destroying initiative. Luckily, the SCC and the City Council have been standing up for an independent, diverse, and inclusive cannabis industry in Los Angeles. Proposition M now has the support of of the larger pro-pot community and could expand the number of legal shops in LA to up to 495, as well as legalize more forms of delivery service. Goddess Delivers, the LA Delivery Alliance and the majority of the cannabis industry urges everyone to support Prop M on this upcoming March 2017 ballot.

To read the full article, click here.

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