Good News for LA marijuana, Measure M Passed by nearly 80%!

Measure M passed by a landslide!

Last week measure M passed by nearly 80%, paving the way for for a thriving, cooperative and responsible marijuana industry in Los Angeles. Measure M sets a tax structure and gives the city the right to regulate marijuana industry. Though the measure did not provide much detail into the new regulations, it secured the ability for the industry to expand in a way that benefits the consumer, marijuana collective, and community combined. We will find out in coming months what the specifics of the regulations will be, for example where a collective can be located, how it can advertise, or product standards.

Much credit for this win is owed to the efforts of the Southern California Coalition (SCC), who worked diligently with city officials and business-owners to connect, creating a united front for the LA marijuana industry. The SCC is made up of many alliances from different sectors of the industry, including LA Delivery Alliance, Cultivators Alliance, Greater LA Collective Alliance (GLACA). Their efforts made it clear what regulations would be best for the industry as a whole, winning the support of the news media and LA City officials.

It is immediately clear that it will still be a tough road for prospective marijuana business owners entering LA’s marijuana industry. Measure M gave priority to the 135 ‘grand-fathered in’, marijuana collectives. These collectives were Prop-D compliant, meaning they followed certain guidelines exempting them from prosecution for the past many years, keeping them in business. They have first dibs on the few locations that will be legal to have a walk-in marijuana collective. Regulations soon to come will detail distances required away from schools, churches, and home residences. While Measure M gives the industry a sigh of relief, all are still anxiously awaiting details of the regulations to determine how best to move forward with their marijuana businesses.

Overall, Measure M is great for patients and marijuana consumers because it protects delivery collectives such as ourselves! The Goddess Delivers will continue to serve our patients though this epic transition towards legal marijuana in California. The future is looking bright for marijuana businesses; these regulations bring protections that will allow businesses to solidify and grow. More to come as regulation details are released, stay tuned!


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2 thoughts on “Good News for LA marijuana, Measure M Passed by nearly 80%!

  1. I just love your service. I am a 64 year old senior woman and use medical MJ for colitis and arthritis relief. The closest dispensary to me is 50 miles away. I will drive there if needed, but it’s not always easy.
    Using your service I can get what I need without the danger of a long drive. Thank you so much!

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