John Oliver Rips Apart Federal Marijuana Laws

Posted by: Michelle Pancake


This past Sunday John Oliver ripped apart the dated issue of marijuana remaining illegal at a federal level. Oliver used the classic satyrical humor of his HBO late night show ‘Last Week Tonight’ to truly defend reason, highlighting just how widely marijuana is accepted by the US population yet remains criminalized under federal law.

He sharply pointed out just how ridiculous it is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, while at the same time 8 states have fully legalized and 28 states have legalized medical marijuana. The majority of US States have some form of legalized marijuana, and on top of that a Gallup pole shows over 60% of Americans favor legalization.

This inconsistency between the public’s opinion and federal marijuana laws really raises the question, what is keeping the federal government from decriminalizing marijuana? Thank you John Oliver for so clearly articulating the dissonance many of us already feel about federal marijuana laws; that the future is green, and federal laws need get with the times. Looking for some Green? Order our freshest medicine at, offering CA State-wide delivery.

Check out the Episode HERE on John Oliver’s LastWeekTonight Youtube channel

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