Interview with Green Cacao Company

This week I had the pleasure of speaking with Megan from The Green Cacao Company to learn more about her healthy, delicious chocolates.

What makes The Green Cacao Company stand out from other edibles?

The Green Cacao Company produces hand-crafted, top shelf, plant-based, nutrient-dense, healthy and delicious products.

Perhaps the primary difference is the ingredients used. Our recipes are created using premium raw (raw = unheated) botanical ingredients: every ingredient used offers physiological benefits – it’s all ‘plant medicine’, not just the cannabis. The synergy of combined ingredients used in TGCC edibles fosters a unique entourage effect of its own. The end result is a uniquely nourishing and restorative experience for mind, body, and spirit.

Our first choice when sourcing ingredients is always to go for organically grown. When we buy organically grown foods, we are supporting the practice of clean air, clean water and soil, and supporting the health of farmworkers. As for our cannabis sources, we use C02 extractions that are created from outdoor-grown cannabis that is grown according to organic farming methods. Because cannabis compounds work synergistically with each other, our extractions contain whole plant cannabis.

What’s your personal favorite of your chocolates and why?

I tend to consume either a single Section, or half of a Section of the CBD XTRA RICH [bar], daily. The CBD XTRA RICH is my go to for preventative wellness and health maintenance. A dose of CBD a day keeps the doctor away! CBD is a major anti-inflammatory, and does wonders for supporting our endocannabinoid system. Increasingly, we are coming to recognize that inflammation is the root of most dis-ease. Keep your inflammation in check, and you’ll avoid all sorts of short and long term health issues. And, by health issues that includes our entire being: mental and physical. In terms of wellness and medicinal benefits, CBD blows THC out of the water. But, since compounds in cannabis work synergistically with each other, you always want that whole-plant matrix intact, and therefore some ratio of THC with CBD.

Which one do you recommend for beginners, and why? Tell us a little about dosing with your chocolate bars.

For someone who has never consumed cannabis edibles, I would suggest they start with the CBD XTRA RICH, which has 15 parts CBD to each part THC. Start with a micro-dose, such as half or a quarter of a Section. Each TGCC Bar breaks into four Sections. The amount of CBD and/or THC, per Bar and per Section is written on the packaging.

When consuming any cannabis edible – including ours — for the first time, we urge you to begin with less than half the suggested dosage or serving size. Everyone has a very different body and constitution; the effects of consuming cannabis will be influenced by your own recent dietary habits, medications, sleep patterns, hormonal cycles, etc. The effects of an edible can remain active in your body for 8+ hours. Always start with ‘less’, and allow at least an hour for the edible to metabolize in your system, before consuming an additional dose. Patience. Unless you are intimately familiar with how your body reacts to cannabis edibles, and the number of milligrams you best respond to, we strongly recommend a ‘micro dose’ of 1-5mg of THC, to start with. For some people this may be plenty and they will never need to increase. Plus, certain research indicates that lower dosages of THC are more effective than higher dosages for various wellness needs and symptom recovery.

How did you get your start in edible making?

I started making these edibles because, at the time, there were no edibles in the dispensaries that I (and many friends and family members) could consume. There were lots of options made with wheat, dairy, sugar and corn-syrup, but nothing that was truly wellness oriented, or that included all of these elements: LowGI, gluten-free, dairy-free, organically grown ingredients, CBD-Rich…

If patients wish to chow down on a rice crispy treat or other candy edible, that should be their free choice. But, equally so, when I started making these, I felt strongly, and still do, that patients should always be given options. If patient options are restricted to ‘cheap and cheerful’ products, we are doing them a huge disservice.

TGCC is committed to creating edibles responsibly. We do not create edibles with excessive amounts of cannabis. For people who are consuming cannabis as part of a day-to- day wellness regimen, 2-10mg of THC should be plenty. For those who feel the need to consume more than 15mg daily, we encourage them to check in to their diet, nutrition, exercise, etc. Health is a holistic process, and the use of cannabis for wellness is most beneficial when done in tandem with other self-care practices. For those who are chronically or terminally ill, and wish to use cannabis as their primary form of therapy, we intensely urge them to work with a wellness practitioner and identify what form of cannabis is best for their needs.

So for those of you looking for healthy, raw chocolates to incorporate into your wellness routines, look no further than The Green Cacao Company!

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