Four Discrete Cannabis Products for the Holidays


Some people look forward to spending copious amounts of time wth their family over Thanksgiving. Others? Not so much. While the holidays can be a hit-or-miss experience, we can all agree that cannabis has been there for us more than once to ease our holiday-induced stress.

Gone are the days of rolling up a fatty in hiding: we at Goddess Delivers have compiled four products to discretely carry you through all the political debates and questions about your love life.

First on the list: Bloom Farms vape pen. This is on the list because there are so. many. options available. Hybrid, Indica, Sativa, and CBD, this pen will have you covered for any situation you may find yourself in. Plus, with their 1-for-1 Program, you can feel good knowing that each purchase goes towards providing a meal to someone in need.

For those who are looking to up their bath game, look no further than Whoopi & Maya’s Lavender Soak. Your body and mind will thank you, as the scent of lavender and cannabis work overtime to dissolve any tension or stress lingering in your body. Each 8oz jar contains 25mg of THC.

For the ultimate in discretion and fast-acting, long-lasting relief, Pure Ratio Topical Patches are an excellent option. These bad boys last up to 96 hours, and have two different ratios of CBD:THC – an 18:1 and a 4:1. These could literally hold you over for the entirety of a weekend!

Last, but not least, we have GoldCaps Softgels. Just take these in the morning with the rest of your “vitamins”, and you’re good to go! Aside from being discrete, GoldCaps are all-natural and boast a full-spectrum of cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC and CBG). They’re precision-dosed with a handful of options for different tolerance levels.

While definitely not an exhaustive list, these are some of our favorite discrete products to hold you over! Did we forget something? Comment and let us know some of your favorite and most effective products below!

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