Happy International Women’s Day!

Today is a special day – one where we celebrate half of our world’s population and their progression towards equal rights.

Women have come a very long way, and we couldn’t have done it without brave, outspoken, strong, inspiring women all over the world (and the men who have supported them!)

The cannabis industry started as predominately male, but thanks to the many women who stepped up, this industry now has more women in executive rolls than any other business. Women seem to have the creativity, determination, and focus on collaboration – vs. competition – than ever before, and it’s paying off.

Here at Goddess Delivers, we love supporting women and getting to have their creative spirits in the office with us. We love the diversity of ideas, personalities, and talents that inclusivity allows, and encourage more women of all backgrounds to continue pushing forward and making your voice heard.

Here’s Lauren from CannaYoga to offer some words of encouragement, and how cannabis has brought her to a more balanced, rewarding career and life.

To celebrate, we’re having a flash sale, today only, with 15% off PJ Budders chocolates and Somatik chocolate covered coffee beans!

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