The History of 420 (Plus, a Sale!)

4/20 has gained massive popularity over the years as a day to celebrate our favorite plant and the legalization efforts that have brought us to where we are. But what’s the real story behind it, anyway?

With many variations of the story circulating, the real origins are yet to be determined. However, the most popular theory is that of a group of high schoolers who set out to find treasure: an abandoned cannabis crop near San Rafael, California. This group of young men – also known as “The Waldos” – made a plan to meet on the grounds of their high school at precisely 4:20 in the afternoon. The search for this elusive crop spanned over a number of attempts, and eventually, 4:20 caught on as the time and secretive lingo for smoking weed.

This term was taken mainstream when Steven Hager of High Times declared that 4:20pm was the socially acceptable hour of the day to consume cannabis. Nowadays – particularly thanks to discrete vaporizers, perfectly dosed edibles, and CBD-rich products – cannabis is enjoyed more and more throughout the day. 

There are lots of reasons to celebrate cannabis on 4/20! It continues to help many with its array of medicinal benefits, and, for countless others, is simply enjoyed recreationally. That’s why we’re observing 4/20 throughout the entire week! Starting 4/16 ’til 4/20, Goddess Delivers will have amazing deals on select flower and edibles, with an opportunity to win 20% off your next delivery with our “Golden Indicator” cards. All orders placed between 4/16 and 4/20 will be eligible to potentially receive one of these cards!

We’re also having a giveaway through our Instagram! We’ll be giving $40 off your next order to one lucky winner. All you need to do is follow us, tag a friend in the comment section of our giveaway post, and hit that like button. The more friends you tag, the more entries you’ll receive. We’ll be picking the winner on 4/20, so keep your eyes peeled! Contest runs from 4/16 at 9am to 4/20 at noon PST, when we’ll go live on Instagram to draw the winner.

Thank you for your continued support of Goddess Delivers. We look forward to serving you during this special holiday! 

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