Happy Memorial Day!

Summer is (almost) here! To celebrate the warm temps and long-weekend BBQs, we’ve got our Memorial Day sale still going strong.

Speaking of BBQs, we’ve found the most delicious infused BBQ sauce, and want to share it with you here! It’s a little time-intensive, but what better way to impress your foodie friends? If you’re running low on time, we always offer you the simple approach for infusing: our Ganja Goddess oil and butter! Please keep in mind: start small with our products and sub the remaining butter for non-medicated – our oil and butter tend to be very strong!

For the visual learners out there, feel free to follow along with this short and simple recipe from Herb, using one of our tinctures!

For those looking to go the lighter route, this Avocado-Hemp Salad is great if you’re looking to keep a clear head and get your dose of healthy Omega-3s.

As always, we’re grateful to each and every one of you for your continued support, but especially those who served in the military. This day is for you: a recognition of your bravery and lives.

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