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Scientific Study using CBD shows reduction of seizures by 39%

25 May

Author: Michelle Pancake


Above is the chemical structure of Cannabidiol or CBD , one of 113 active cannabinoids in cannabis (image credit wikimedia commons)

A groundbreaking article by CNN highlights a scientific study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showing that cannabidiol (CBD) is medically beneficial. The 14-day, double-blind, placebo-controlled human trial resulted in significantly reduced seizures in children with a severe epilepsy disorder called Dravet Syndrome. These children suffer from seizures at rates from 4 to 1,717 seizures per month, causing developmental delays, speech and lanugage problems, behavioral issues and movement problems. The study’s results show that those given CBD had 39% less seizures, compared to those given the placebo who had 13% less seizures. Nearly all did experience side effects, drowsyness most common, loss of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea. Amazingly, 5% of the 120 children became entirely seizure-free during the 14-week study.

This study is a necessary step to move marijuana off of the schedule 1 controlled substance list, which makes it difficult to do federally approved studies on its possible medicinal values. As schedule 1 it is currently considered to have virtually no medicinal value, and high potential for abuse. Many populations are already using marijuana to treat medical conditions, so this study could improve access by  opening the door for more research studies, and possibly drop marijuana from schedule 1 to reflect it’s true medicinal value.

Read the CNN article HERE

Read the original study HERE

John Oliver Rips Apart Federal Marijuana Laws

7 Apr

Posted by: Michelle Pancake


This past Sunday John Oliver ripped apart the dated issue of marijuana remaining illegal at a federal level. Oliver used the classic satyrical humor of his HBO late night show ‘Last Week Tonight’ to truly defend reason, highlighting just how widely marijuana is accepted by the US population yet remains criminalized under federal law.

He sharply pointed out just how ridiculous it is that marijuana is still illegal at the federal level, while at the same time 8 states have fully legalized and 28 states have legalized medical marijuana. The majority of US States have some form of legalized marijuana, and on top of that a Gallup pole shows over 60% of Americans favor legalization.

This inconsistency between the public’s opinion and federal marijuana laws really raises the question, what is keeping the federal government from decriminalizing marijuana? Thank you John Oliver for so clearly articulating the dissonance many of us already feel about federal marijuana laws; that the future is green, and federal laws need get with the times. Looking for some Green? Order our freshest medicine at, offering CA State-wide delivery.

Check out the Episode HERE on John Oliver’s LastWeekTonight Youtube channel

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Good News for LA marijuana, Measure M Passed by nearly 80%!

13 Mar

Measure M passed by a landslide!

Last week measure M passed by nearly 80%, paving the way for for a thriving, cooperative and responsible marijuana industry in Los Angeles. Measure M sets a tax structure and gives the city the right to regulate marijuana industry. Though the measure did not provide much detail into the new regulations, it secured the ability for the industry to expand in a way that benefits the consumer, marijuana collective, and community combined. We will find out in coming months what the specifics of the regulations will be, for example where a collective can be located, how it can advertise, or product standards.

Much credit for this win is owed to the efforts of the Southern California Coalition (SCC), who worked diligently with city officials and business-owners to connect, creating a united front for the LA marijuana industry. The SCC is made up of many alliances from different sectors of the industry, including LA Delivery Alliance, Cultivators Alliance, Greater LA Collective Alliance (GLACA). Their efforts made it clear what regulations would be best for the industry as a whole, winning the support of the news media and LA City officials.

It is immediately clear that it will still be a tough road for prospective marijuana business owners entering LA’s marijuana industry. Measure M gave priority to the 135 ‘grand-fathered in’, marijuana collectives. These collectives were Prop-D compliant, meaning they followed certain guidelines exempting them from prosecution for the past many years, keeping them in business. They have first dibs on the few locations that will be legal to have a walk-in marijuana collective. Regulations soon to come will detail distances required away from schools, churches, and home residences. While Measure M gives the industry a sigh of relief, all are still anxiously awaiting details of the regulations to determine how best to move forward with their marijuana businesses.

Overall, Measure M is great for patients and marijuana consumers because it protects delivery collectives such as ourselves! The Goddess Delivers will continue to serve our patients though this epic transition towards legal marijuana in California. The future is looking bright for marijuana businesses; these regulations bring protections that will allow businesses to solidify and grow. More to come as regulation details are released, stay tuned!


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ARTICLE: Vote yes on Measure M to help L.A. make marijuana laws

21 Feb

(Getty Images)

(Getty Images)

You may be wondering, if Marijuana is legal, why do I still have to vote for regulations?

Though prop 64 made cannabis legal, it still requires local governments to create legislation dealing with local taxation, regulations, and enforcement before any recreational shops can open.

Check out this article published today by LA Daily News, as it details why it is still so important to hit the polling places next month on March 7th.  It differentiates Measure M from Measure N, explains how marijuana laws are currently positioned under Proposition D, and why it is so important to vote for Measure M for fair and responsible regulations in Los Angeles.

Read the whole article, CLICK HERE!


Board, The Editorial. “Endorsement: Vote Yes on Measure M to Help L.A. Make Marijuana Laws.”Endorsement: Vote Yes on Measure M to Help L.A. Make Marijuana Laws. LA Daily News, 21 Feb. 2017. Web. 21 Feb. 2017. (

Vote YES on Measure M! Cannabis Regulations for LA

21 Feb


While recreational marijuana was made legal with Prop 64 last November, it didn’t detail who can grow, sell, and run pot businesses in Los Angeles. Measure M does this by providing thoughtful and fair taxation, enforcement, and regulations crafted by cannabis business-owners and City Council collaboration. The Los Angeles Times just released an informative endorsement ARTICLE supporting Measure M, which will be on the LA Ballot in two weeks Tuesday, March 7 2017.

Measure M is the only measure supported by the larger marijuana industry and City Council alike. We urge everyone to vote for Measure M because it lays out an inclusive, responsible, and comprehensive plan for marijuana laws and regulations in Los Angeles.

Measure M gives the city of Los Angeles the power to replace Proposition D, a now outdated and restrictive marijuana law, with new regulations. It also gives City Council the power to tweak and change regulations as necessary, allowing smooth adaptation of the marijuana industry to this community.

Under Measure M, the local Los Angeles gross receipt tax would go down from 6% to 5% for medical cannabis, be set at 10% for recreational cannabis, and set at 1-2% for delivery, transport, research, and cultivation of cannabis.

Measure M would also apply civil and criminal penalties to those who break the laws. The department of Water and Power is authorized to shut off utilities in illegal pot shops.

Measure N (as in No!) is another marijuana regulation initiative on the ballot however it is no-longer supported. It unfortunately remains on the ballot due to timing, as it was too late to remove from the ballot. Measure N excludes most existing marijuana businesses and delivery services, hindering access to medicine, and ultimately failed to gain support. Use caution while voting, however, as the two measures will be close together on the ballot. Be sure to choose Measure M.

Don’t forget to send in your vote-by-mail, or go to your local polling place Tuesday, March 7th to vote YES on Measure M to bring LA comprehensive marijuana laws! Only two weeks until voting day!


To Check out the article by the Los Angeles Times, CLICK HERE


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FAQ’s: Changes Since PROP 64 Legalized Marijuana

20 Feb


 Curious about what’s happened since Prop 64 Passed? 

Many of our patients have been wondering what changes Proposition 64 is bringing about. It passed this last November 2016 allowing legal possession, cultivation, and recreational use of marijuana. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding the changes from Prop 64.

Q: Do I still need a Medical Marijuana Recommendation to order marijuana products from Goddess Delivers or other marijuana collectives?

A: Yes.

Because there are no laws or regulations available for businesses yet, we must remain a Medical Marijuana collective and must require a doctor’s recommendation. Not until 2018 will recreational shops open where you can buy weed with your California ID showing you’re over 21 old.

Q: Will the price of my medicine go up?

A: Most likely, because of taxes.

Right now CA patients are paying state sales tax based on their county, between 7.5% and 10%. That will go up to a flat 15% across the board for all CA medical marijuana patients. The 15% tax imposed on marijuana businesses by prop 64 applies to medical marijuana too, however medical marijuana patients do not have to pay the additional state sales tax (between 7.5% and 10%) that retail marijuana stores will. The only way the price of medicine would not go up is if the marijuana producers absorb the extra costs from taxes by lowering their prices, which is not likely a viable option.

Q: What’s the breakdown of taxes imposed under prop 64?

A: For the state of CA as a whole, there will be a flat 15% tax on all retail and medical marijuana sales, a cultivation tax on growers of $9.25 per ounce of flowers, and $2.75 per ounce for leaves. For recreational marijuana, the state’s 7.5% sales tax is tacked on in addition, making it a whopping 22.5% tax. The good news is medical marijuana patients are so far exempt from paying state sales taxes, keeping their tax at 15%. Counties can impose their own additional taxes.

Q: What will recreational laws and regulations look like?

A: If you want to open a marijuana business, you will need a state license, and to follow state rules and regulations. Selling pot without a license can bring fines and jail time.  

Los Angeles will vote on (and likely pass) a measure on the ballot next month on March 7th creating regulations for LA marijuana businesses. Measure M, or CERTA (Cannabis Enforcement, Regulation, and Taxation Act), is supported by the City of Los Angeles and would grant licenses to the 135 dispensaries that were prop D compliant first, then many more are expected to be issued. Criminal and nuisance penalties will also be put into effect banning marijuana businesses in proximity to children, etc.

Q: What does prop 64 allow right now?

A: It is now legal for anyone over the age of 21 to use, as well as possess and give away (not sell) up to one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of concentrate. It’s also legal to grow up to 6 plants per parcel of land for personal use. Local laws may ban outdoor growing, but cannot ban growth of 6 plants indoors, or in a ‘secure’ location.

Q: What is still illegal after prop 64?

A: No smoking will driving, or driving under the influence of marijuana. The state has allocated funds to law enforcement to create accurate tests to determine at what point someone’s driving is hindered by marijuana use.

Also, there is still no selling marijuana without a license. You cannot grow your own and sell to your friends or neighbors, only give away as a gift. Sales will have to wait for regulations and a license, likely until 2018.

Q: Can I smoke anywhere now?

A: No.

 It is still illegal to smoke marijuana in public, unless your local city ordinance says it’s alright. Even if locally allowed, it would still be illegal in places you can’t smoke tobacco, as well as 1000 feet from children schools, day-cares, or play areas. If caught smoking in public you can receive a fine up to $250.

Q: Will we see weed ads?

A: Not many.

Since federal law still sees marijuana as an illegal drug, and it is illegal to advertise illegal drugs on TV, so until that changes we will only see the federally funded anti-drug ads. You will see some ads around California, with restrictions. There is no advertising to minors, so you won’t see ads appealing to kids or on kids channels, or within 1000 feet of kids schools, day-cares, or play areas. There is also no billboards allowed on roads leading out of state.


Do you have more questions? Email them to, attn: BLOG, and we will put together another FAQ of patient questions! Thanks a lot!

(Check out the sources below for more detailed post-prop 64 facts!)


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22 Jan


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Measure M: Vote for Inclusive, Diverse LA Cannabis Industry

9 Jan


A step forward for marijuana delivery services in LA comes as the City Council’s Proposition M gains support of the pro-pot community, detailed in this article by LA Weekly. It replaces the restrictive measure the UCBA Trade Association originally proposed, which allowed only 135 marijuana collectives in Los Angeles, excluded delivery-only or 3rd party delivery collectives, and split the pro-pot vote. That measure would have likely excluded Goddess Delivers from operating. The UCBA was pressured by the city and Southern California Coalition to drop their industry destroying initiative. Luckily, the SCC and the City Council have been standing up for an independent, diverse, and inclusive cannabis industry in Los Angeles. Proposition M now has the support of of the larger pro-pot community and could expand the number of legal shops in LA to up to 495, as well as legalize more forms of delivery service. Goddess Delivers, the LA Delivery Alliance and the majority of the cannabis industry urges everyone to support Prop M on this upcoming March 2017 ballot.

To read the full article, click here.

VIDEO: Mother’s Struggle with Cerebral Palsy and Access to Cannabis

25 Nov

Witness a glimpse of the daily struggle this mother with Cerebral Palsy endures, followed by the miraculous relief and control gained by smoking marijuana.

She was forced to drive the streets to locate medicine due to living in a state without medical marijuana, risking the loss of her children if caught using marijuana. Moving to California, a state which had decriminalized medical marijuana, improved her and her children’s lives by guaranteeing safety and access to medicine.

Want to know more about Jacqueline Patterson’s story? click HERE for an article with more details.

Article: Cannabis Does Not Kill Brain Cells, It Protects Them

13 Nov

An intriguing article in the Huffington post by Dr. David Bearman contradicts the common misconception that marijuana kills brain cells, proving it could help traumatic brain injuries heal by actually preventing cell death.

Access the article HERE