How to Medicate with Hash or Wax

How do you medicate with Bubble Hash, Hash Oil, Shatter, or Wax? Warm It, Don’t Burn It: Bubble Hash, Hash Oil, Wax, and Shatter are better consumed by controlled heating rather than burning. Cannabinoids vaporize at 356ºF (180ºC) so it is unnecessary to heat them up to the point where inhalation might burn the lungs. […]

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Hash vs Kief vs Wax?

What is the difference between the different types of concentrates? Kief Kief is an unprocessed raw medication. Particles of trichomes that fall right off the plant are collected and packaged into this powerful product. It is concentrated and fluffy in consistency. Often placed on top of bowls or joints, Kief is often used to increase […]

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420 – The Origin Story

In the 70s the athlete spoke the word and the word was 420. The term originated with a treasure hunt. A group of high school athletes coined it when they took trips off into the forest to look for a hidden marijuana patch theoretically abandoned by a Coast Guard service member. The followed their treasure […]

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420 Specials!

Check out our 420 specials available until Sunday night, 4/20/2014! Prices have been reduced across the board! Discounts and free bud with every order of Dragon’s Breath and Blue Dream. Every order over $100 gets a free sample of Ganja Goddess Gingerbread or Kiva Chocolate Bars while supplies last! Easter Exclusive: Bunny Bud This candy […]

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CBD without the THC

This opinion article is based on the cited research and is not offered as medical advice. See the provided resources for more information. Talk to your doctor about what medication and dosage is right for your condition. Looking for a CBD medication without the THC? The Guru Dev CBD is the first tincture we’ve found […]

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REVIEW: Rick Simpson Oils

The Goddess Delivers has two versions of the Rick Simpson Oil: Canna Nector Honey Oil and Pharmaceutical Grade CBD oil. Made with the same CO2 extraction process, Canna Nector contains no chemicals, fillers, or traces of butane that are side effects less optimal extraction methods. At high pressures, CO2 grabs hold of the medial properties […]

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Indica vs Sativa vs CBD

What is the difference between Indica, Sativa, and CBD heavy strains? CBD – Cannabidiol CBD is one of the 85+ cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike THC, on average it has no psychoactive properties. Current medical studies suggest that it has medical applications to conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder, nausea, convulsion and inflammation, and […]

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