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FAQ’s: Changes Since PROP 64 Legalized Marijuana

20 Feb


 Curious about what’s happened since Prop 64 Passed? 

Many of our patients have been wondering what changes Proposition 64 is bringing about. It passed this last November 2016 allowing legal possession, cultivation, and recreational use of marijuana. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers regarding the changes from Prop 64.

Q: Do I still need a Medical Marijuana Recommendation to order marijuana products from Goddess Delivers or other marijuana collectives?

A: Yes.

Because there are no laws or regulations available for businesses yet, we must remain a Medical Marijuana collective and must require a doctor’s recommendation. Not until 2018 will recreational shops open where you can buy weed with your California ID showing you’re over 21 old.

Q: Will the price of my medicine go up?

A: Most likely, because of taxes.

Right now CA patients are paying state sales tax based on their county, between 7.5% and 10%. That will go up to a flat 15% across the board for all CA medical marijuana patients. The 15% tax imposed on marijuana businesses by prop 64 applies to medical marijuana too, however medical marijuana patients do not have to pay the additional state sales tax (between 7.5% and 10%) that retail marijuana stores will. The only way the price of medicine would not go up is if the marijuana producers absorb the extra costs from taxes by lowering their prices, which is not likely a viable option.

Q: What’s the breakdown of taxes imposed under prop 64?

A: For the state of CA as a whole, there will be a flat 15% tax on all retail and medical marijuana sales, a cultivation tax on growers of $9.25 per ounce of flowers, and $2.75 per ounce for leaves. For recreational marijuana, the state’s 7.5% sales tax is tacked on in addition, making it a whopping 22.5% tax. The good news is medical marijuana patients are so far exempt from paying state sales taxes, keeping their tax at 15%. Counties can impose their own additional taxes.

Q: What will recreational laws and regulations look like?

A: If you want to open a marijuana business, you will need a state license, and to follow state rules and regulations. Selling pot without a license can bring fines and jail time.  

Los Angeles will vote on (and likely pass) a measure on the ballot next month on March 7th creating regulations for LA marijuana businesses. Measure M, or CERTA (Cannabis Enforcement, Regulation, and Taxation Act), is supported by the City of Los Angeles and would grant licenses to the 135 dispensaries that were prop D compliant first, then many more are expected to be issued. Criminal and nuisance penalties will also be put into effect banning marijuana businesses in proximity to children, etc.

Q: What does prop 64 allow right now?

A: It is now legal for anyone over the age of 21 to use, as well as possess and give away (not sell) up to one ounce of marijuana and eight grams of concentrate. It’s also legal to grow up to 6 plants per parcel of land for personal use. Local laws may ban outdoor growing, but cannot ban growth of 6 plants indoors, or in a ‘secure’ location.

Q: What is still illegal after prop 64?

A: No smoking will driving, or driving under the influence of marijuana. The state has allocated funds to law enforcement to create accurate tests to determine at what point someone’s driving is hindered by marijuana use.

Also, there is still no selling marijuana without a license. You cannot grow your own and sell to your friends or neighbors, only give away as a gift. Sales will have to wait for regulations and a license, likely until 2018.

Q: Can I smoke anywhere now?

A: No.

 It is still illegal to smoke marijuana in public, unless your local city ordinance says it’s alright. Even if locally allowed, it would still be illegal in places you can’t smoke tobacco, as well as 1000 feet from children schools, day-cares, or play areas. If caught smoking in public you can receive a fine up to $250.

Q: Will we see weed ads?

A: Not many.

Since federal law still sees marijuana as an illegal drug, and it is illegal to advertise illegal drugs on TV, so until that changes we will only see the federally funded anti-drug ads. You will see some ads around California, with restrictions. There is no advertising to minors, so you won’t see ads appealing to kids or on kids channels, or within 1000 feet of kids schools, day-cares, or play areas. There is also no billboards allowed on roads leading out of state.


Do you have more questions? Email them to, attn: BLOG, and we will put together another FAQ of patient questions! Thanks a lot!

(Check out the sources below for more detailed post-prop 64 facts!)


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15 Nov


How to Medicate with Hash or Wax

5 Jun

How do you medicate with Bubble Hash, Hash Oil, Shatter, or Wax?

hgh extracts

Warm It, Don’t Burn It:

Bubble Hash, Hash Oil, Wax, and Shatter are better consumed by controlled heating rather than burning. Cannabinoids vaporize at 356ºF (180ºC) so it is unnecessary to heat them up to the point where inhalation might burn the lungs. It is easy for a long term smoker to simply pack a concentrate on top of a bowl, but this isn’t a viable choice for a patient who is suffering from a smoking aggravated lung condition.

However one study indicate that Cannabis may help with certain lung conditions.

A 2002 study found that cannabinoids appear to stabilize breathing in sleeping patients. So even if smoke inhalation isn’t optimal for lungs in the long term, studies indicate cannabis imbibed in a different manner can be helpful for breathing conditions.

What do you do if you want your concentrates without smoking them?

Hand-Held Vaporizers:

Vapor pens are a fantastic, portable way to take concentrated medication. Vapor pens, pre-loaded hash oil cartridges, honey oil syringes, and other forms are all available to current patients through the Goddess website. They look exactly like e-cigarrettes, so are easier to use in uncertain social situations.

Refills are available in a variety of strains and flavors which include Indicas, Sativas, CBD, and Hybrids.

Stationary Vaporizers

Standing vaporizers like the Volcano are powerful options for patients with at home medical needs, and most can be utilized for hash, oils, and waxes. Even vaporizers which are intended for use with dry bud can be modified for use with certain concentrates.

However, when it comes to simplicity, stealth, and mobility – hand-held vaporizers are a more multi-use choice.

Eat it

Concentrates are powerful when eaten.

However, they aren’t guaranteed to taste good.

Oils can be melted or mixed into drinks or food. Some patients have tried eating them straight by using a toothpick to scoop up small doses. Other patients go a different direction and make their their own edibles with Ganja Goddess Butter or Ganja Goddess Oil.

Our Mint Meltaway chocolates are edibles that are made with CO2 extracted medication.

With any method, patients trying a concentrate or edible for the first time should consume with caution in a comfortable environment. Use in small increments until the appropriate dosage is understood.

Direct Application

Some patients have called in and reported taking concentrated CBD or Hash oil and applying it directly to the area in question, for example in the case of skin or prostate cancer.

Goddess Delivers could not find any scientific studies supporting the effectiveness of direct application. Please let us know if you find any!


Wax, Shatter, and Hash Oil can all be dabbed. The process refers to taking a small portion of the concentrate and heating it on a hot surface, such as a nail or knife, and inhaling the vapor.

It is similar to vaporizing and is an effective method for medicating with shatter and waxes.

If a patient needs to medicate in a public or business environment, using a portable e-pen vaporizer might be a more discrete choice than dabbing, but that is entirely up to the medium used.

New Patients are Welcome

The Goddess Delivers knows that medicating can be a daunting task for new patients with no experience with medical marijuana. We’re here to serve you. If you have any questions that can’t be answered by these articles, please feel free to call in and speak to one of our representatives.

We won’t give you medical advice, but we will offer our personal opinions.

Talk to your doctor to see what medication is right for you.

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How to figure out what medication is right for you.


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Hash vs Kief vs Wax?

6 May

What is the difference between the different types of concentrates?


Kief is an unprocessed raw medication.

Particles of trichomes that fall right off the plant are collected and packaged into this powerful product. It is concentrated and fluffy in consistency. Often placed on top of bowls or joints, Kief is often used to increase the potency of the inhalation. This method of use is most effective for patients with extreme pain or physical discomfort, whose condition requires the most powerful result possible.


Human use of hash, both recreationally and medicinally, has been dated back to 3,000 BC. Purified stalked resins glands (the same as kief), also known as tri-cones, are compressed with heat. Water purified hash is known as “bubble hash” and has a paste like consistency that varies widely in color and texture.

It’s high THC content it is most effectively utilized through a vaporizer.

Hash comes in a variety of forms, including Bubble Hash and Hash Oil.

Bubble Hash is a solid, sometimes crumbly form of the medication, easy to manipulate as it holds it shape. Hash Oil is more fluid, making it easier to apply when it comes in a syringe.

Hash Oils are processed in a variety of different ways, including cold water, butane, and CO2 processing. With CO2 extraction, pressure is applied to carbon dioxide to turn the gas into a liquid which is then used as an inert liquid solvent. When the temperature is brought back up the CO2 evaporates, leaving behind clean and solvent free medication.

One of our favorite solvent free oils is the HGH solvent-free.


Processed with methods often involving butane, wax is a dense paste from yellow to dark brown. Butane processing involves first infusing dehydrated cannabis with butane then purifying with hot water immersion or a vacuum pump. It is a highly concentrated form that is broken off in small chunks to smoke.

Wax is difficult to use in a dry bud vaporizer due to the fact that it often melts when exposed to temperature. There are specific vapor pen cartridges that have heat coils inside them that are more optimal for vaporizing wax.

Why use concentrates?

Kief, Hash, and Wax all come from the marijuana plant and are powerful forms of medication. The differences range in how they are created, from the raw Kief to extremely processed Wax.

Talk to your doctor to see if concentrates are right for you.

Further Reading:
How to Medicate with Hash or Wax
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What is the difference between Indica, Sativa, and CBD strains?
How to figure out what medication is right for you.


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420 – The Origin Story

20 Apr

In the 70s the athlete spoke the word and the word was 420.

The term originated with a treasure hunt.

A group of high school athletes coined it when they took trips off into the forest to look for a hidden marijuana patch theoretically abandoned by a Coast Guard service member. The followed their treasure map, loaded their pipes, and went on adventures that would define language and expand communication.

They never found the patch.

Instead their forays into the wild found the gold in a term that launched a new national holiday. April 20th is the day that consumers celebrate a plant. With uses in textiles, nutrition, eco-fuel, and medication, it’s no surprise that this life sustaining plant has earned it’s own holiday even in the face of federal prohibition.

Yet hemp has been a part of humanity long before the failure of prohibition.

Evidence of hemp use has been found as far back as 2,000 BC.

That means that cannabis could be one of the original crops.

Cultivation of crops is how early humans moved from tribes into cities. Higher food production capability led to a denser population which led to increased scientific research and technological advancement. Modern society wouldn’t be possible with the development of agriculture.

Carl Sagan wrote: “It would be wryly interesting if in human history the cultivation of marijuana led generally to the invention of agriculture, and thereby to civilization.” (Carl Sagan, The Dragons of Eden, Speculations on the Origin of Human Intelligence p 191 footnote)

If cannabis was one of the original crops, as suggested by archeological finds, that would mean that it evolved with humanity. That would mean it’s genetic biology adjusted over time to best suit our needs for nutrition, healing, and textiles.

So what is the point of 4/20?

It isn’t just about getting high.

April 20th is the day we celebrate the joy of life and the evolution of human enterprise. It is a step towards a growing economy that is sustainably in alignment with scientific advancements in medicine and comfort. It is a day when medical patients take the time for gratitude for legalization.

4/20 is a day when we are grateful for nature.

It is a day we celebrate our symbiosis.


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29 Jan

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Do You Carry Rick Simpson Oil?

15 Oct

cannanectorYes, it is called Honey Oil.

Rick Simpson oil, like other oils, is made from extracting the cancer fighting elements out of the cannabis plant. It and other oils like it are made using a CO2 extraction process, also known as Supercritical fluid extraction.

This method involves using high pressure to force carbon dioxide through plant matter, causing a separation of the matter. This isolates the pure essence of the cannabis resulting in a pure, transparent, amber oil. The CO2 method leaves behind no residue, where solvents such as butane can potentially leave behind undesirables which alter the flavor of the oil.

Honey Oil is a pure THC and CBD heavy option created with the CO2 extraction method.

Other similar oils we carry include the Pure Gold and the 10% CBD.

Side Effects Include Happiness

11 Oct

Side effects include happiness.

There is no risk of heart attack, blod clots, or vomiting.

Unlike other medications, marijuana won’t result in explosive diarrhea.

Watching pharmaceutical advertisements on the television for medications is hearing a quickly scrolling list of the painful and unpleasant side effects. The kinds of medications that require pushy prime time adverts to sell well are the ones that cause horrific physical effects.

What are the most common side effects of medical marijuana?

Hunger, happiness, and pain relief.

Collectives, like the Goddess Delivers, don’t give medical advice. We won’t tell you how our medications will specifically effect you because the results vary from patient to patient. Each individual must consult their doctor and try the different varieties for themselves, testing dosage and flavor.

This is possible because no one has ever overdosed on marijuana.

I repeat, it is not possible to overdose on marijuana.

It is, however, possible to nap.

You can ingest enough medication to make you sleepy enough to power nap through even the most intense pain. Or you can take just enough to get the beneficial effects without interfering with day to day functions.

So what is the downside of smoking?

Smoke inhalation damages your lungs.

Luckily you don’t have to smoke medical marijuana.

The greatest objection to the best pain management option on the legal market is destroyed by the fact that medical marijuana patients don’t have to inhale smoke. We can suck on lozenges, swallow pills, or inhale vapor.

Don’t like those options?

Put a couple tincture drops in your tea.

Eat a vegan spice bite.

How you take your medication is up to you.

The Goddess Delivers is here to provide options.

Options whose side effects include happiness.


9 Oct

CBD, on its own, doesn’t get you high.

So far it can’t be separated from THC, the element that does have the light headed side effect that is satirically associated with marijuana users. Yet CBD doesn’t get you “stoned”, “baked”, or “ripped” on its own.

The Goddess Delivers will not offer medical advice, but we can point you in the direction of studies that support the following opinions.

The opinion that CBDs effectively manages pain.

The opinion that CBDs inhibit the growth of cancer cells.

The opinion that CBDs treat epilepsy, multiple sclerosis spasms, anxiety disorders, Bipolar Disorder, schizophrenia, nausea, convulsion and inflammation.

So what is it?

CBD, like THC, is a cannabinoid that is a natural component of cannabis. Some strains, like the Omrita RX3 and Blue Jay, have heavier concentrations of CBD. It can be found in a variety of other products such as Honey oil, Ginger CBD-oos, Cannastrips, Vegan Cacao chocolates, among others.

The strongest strain, Cannatonic, has a one to one ratio of CBD to THC, one of the best ratios you can find.

Along with being elemental medication, CBD can have an antioxident effect.

Studies suggest that it can be an effective neuroprotective choice. They also suggest that increases blood flow to tissues, reduce ssymptoms of schizophrenia, and protects against neurodegeneration caused by binge drinking.

Yet it doesn’t get you “high” on it’s own.

The products currently available to medical marijuana patients are not pure CBD. They still contain some THC. However as legalization spreads so will the production options for this medication. CBD heavy strains will become even more refined and collectives will be able offer an even wider variety of life saving and comfort providing options.

For the time being the strains are effective, the candies are delicious, and the pills swallowed knowing that the products and the law is moving to the side of life, liberty, and the pursuit of freedom from excessive pain and discomfort.