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ARTICLE: Vote yes on Measure M to help L.A. make marijuana laws

21 Feb

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You may be wondering, if Marijuana is legal, why do I still have to vote for regulations?

Though prop 64 made cannabis legal, it still requires local governments to create legislation dealing with local taxation, regulations, and enforcement before any recreational shops can open.

Check out this article published today by LA Daily News, as it details why it is still so important to hit the polling places next month on March 7th.  It differentiates Measure M from Measure N, explains how marijuana laws are currently positioned under Proposition D, and why it is so important to vote for Measure M for fair and responsible regulations in Los Angeles.

Read the whole article, CLICK HERE!


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Vote YES on Measure M! Cannabis Regulations for LA

21 Feb


While recreational marijuana was made legal with Prop 64 last November, it didn’t detail who can grow, sell, and run pot businesses in Los Angeles. Measure M does this by providing thoughtful and fair taxation, enforcement, and regulations crafted by cannabis business-owners and City Council collaboration. The Los Angeles Times just released an informative endorsement ARTICLE supporting Measure M, which will be on the LA Ballot in two weeks Tuesday, March 7 2017.

Measure M is the only measure supported by the larger marijuana industry and City Council alike. We urge everyone to vote for Measure M because it lays out an inclusive, responsible, and comprehensive plan for marijuana laws and regulations in Los Angeles.

Measure M gives the city of Los Angeles the power to replace Proposition D, a now outdated and restrictive marijuana law, with new regulations. It also gives City Council the power to tweak and change regulations as necessary, allowing smooth adaptation of the marijuana industry to this community.

Under Measure M, the local Los Angeles gross receipt tax would go down from 6% to 5% for medical cannabis, be set at 10% for recreational cannabis, and set at 1-2% for delivery, transport, research, and cultivation of cannabis.

Measure M would also apply civil and criminal penalties to those who break the laws. The department of Water and Power is authorized to shut off utilities in illegal pot shops.

Measure N (as in No!) is another marijuana regulation initiative on the ballot however it is no-longer supported. It unfortunately remains on the ballot due to timing, as it was too late to remove from the ballot. Measure N excludes most existing marijuana businesses and delivery services, hindering access to medicine, and ultimately failed to gain support. Use caution while voting, however, as the two measures will be close together on the ballot. Be sure to choose Measure M.

Don’t forget to send in your vote-by-mail, or go to your local polling place Tuesday, March 7th to vote YES on Measure M to bring LA comprehensive marijuana laws! Only two weeks until voting day!


To Check out the article by the Los Angeles Times, CLICK HERE


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The Week In Marijuana News

1 Dec


Can a tech startup change the way people think about medical marijuana? – Yahoo! News

A bay area man has decided to merge the startup tech world with the growing medical marijuana industry. The inventor has reportedly thought up a vaporizer that is easier to use and more efficient. It looks pretty nifty and is only another piece of writing on the wall predicting more progressive movement toward a more tolerant and healthy society.

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Increase in US Marijuana Use Tied to Older Americans, Teen Use Flatlining – High Times

Reefer madness has seemed to skip the youth of America and instead landed on their parents. Are we surprised? Not really, especially if you consider the growing availability of marijuana, the shrinking stigma and the fact that older folks have money to burn (haha get it?).

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High Hopes: The Marijuana Movement’s 2014 Playbook – The Atlantic

We’ve been making a lot of progress in the last year or so, but there is still a long journey ahead. The Atlantic has laid out what they see as the battle plan/ agenda for the pro-marijuana coalition.

Take a look at the Atlantic thinks are the next steps here.


Recipe: Almond Canna-Butter Coffee Cake – Big Buds Magazine

Here’s another recipe to add to your cookbook, this time for some medicated coffee cake! Let us know if you try this recipe!

Find all the directions and ingredients here.

Recipe: Pot Hot Chocolate

We though that the coffee cake shouldn’t be go without a hot drink, so why not try this other seasonal recipe? Let us know if this recipe is hot or cold!

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The Week in Marijuana News

10 Nov


VICE: More and more US veterans are smoking weed to treat their PTSD

A highly suggested read, this Vice article profiles the shameful lack of care the US government provides to its veterans, and the lengths that some vets have gone to treat their PTSD. The article explains that vets are using cannabis to help cut off the connections between normal everyday stimuli and the traumatic events of the front line. Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it?

Read the whole article here.

Huffington Post: Marijuana Market Poised To Grow Faster Than Smartphones

The Huffington Post has reported that due to the wave of marijuana legalization movements, and the sudden growth of the market as a whole that the cannabis industry is ready to “outpace” the American smartphone market in terms of annual growth. This comes on the heels of the recent findings from Gallup which found for the first time in the pollster’s history, that the American public favor legalizing Marijuana. There are of course several grains of salt that should be taken with this article, so don’t celebrate just yet.

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RTE News : Legalization of cannabis motion defeated in Dáil

Surprise! A European country has voted to NOT legalize marijuana. The Irish parliament recently voted against legalizing marijuana in the country in a landslide vote of  111-8.

Read the entire article here.

Cannabis News: Canada Rolls Out a ‘$1 Billion’ MMJ Industry

Welcome to Canada, where even when you have it good you still have it kind of bad. The conservative lead government has decided to scrap Canada’s almost decade old system of publicly managed medical cannabis distribution. What the government has decided to do instead is transfer the right to cultivate and distribute to the private sector. The industry is expected to dramatically grow under this new system, but many advocates for publicly run marijuana distribution criticize the government for taking away their right to grow marijuana at home.

Read the the entire article here.


The Nation: Why It’s Always Been Time to Legalize Marijuana

If you’re in the mood to read another article arguing for drug reform then we highly suggest this piece. Using the steady arguments that summon the ludicrousness of the country’s past prohibition on alcohol, the fact that our three most recent presidents have all admitted to smoking in the past, and that the drug is hardly as mad as the reefer campaigns of the 60s made it out to be, the publication argues for the complete legalization of cannabis.

You can read the entire piece here.