CannaYoga Series: High Plank

It’s the beginning of a brand new year, and California is an adult-use state! With this solid combination, our New Year’s resolution this year is to find new ways to enjoy our two favorite wellness activities – cannabis and yoga! Cannabis yoga classes are popping up across California, so we asked our resident Goddess Delivers […]

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Support Individuals and Families Displaced by the Thomas Fire

The Thomas Fire has burned more than 272,000 acres and 765 single-family homes. To help the individuals and families displaced by the Thomas Fire get back on their feet, we are supporting Thrive Market’s drive to deliver groceries to those in need – as well as send gifts to firefighters who’ve worked courageously to protect communities. We’ve expanded […]

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ARTICLE: Vote yes on Measure M to help L.A. make marijuana laws

(Getty Images) You may be wondering, if Marijuana is legal, why do I still have to vote for regulations? Though prop 64 made cannabis legal, it still requires local governments to create legislation dealing with local taxation, regulations, and enforcement before any recreational shops can open. Check out this article published today by LA Daily News, as it details […]

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The Week In Marijuana News

Local Can a tech startup change the way people think about medical marijuana? – Yahoo! News A bay area man has decided to merge the startup tech world with the growing medical marijuana industry. The inventor has reportedly thought up a vaporizer that is easier to use and more efficient. It looks pretty nifty and […]

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The Week in Marijuana News

National VICE: More and more US veterans are smoking weed to treat their PTSD A highly suggested read, this Vice article profiles the shameful lack of care the US government provides to its veterans, and the lengths that some vets have gone to treat their PTSD. The article explains that vets are using cannabis to help cut […]

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