Recommended Doctors

Looking for a Doctor to provide medical advice and medical marijuana recommendations?

Goddess Delivers has the collected the following list of professional, courteous, and discrete medical professionals who would love to help you figure out the medication that is right for you.

ONLINE is a great place to get an online recommendation!

San Diego County

Alternative Care Clinics
Compassionate Harvest Medical Clinic 420
Centric Wellness
San Diego Evaluation

Orange County

Go Green Medical Cannabis Evaluations
Lane Medical Clinic
Beach Medical Center
Harbor Evaluation Center
Affordable Evaluations
Medi-THC Clinic
Medical Marijuana of Orange County


Dr. Howard Ragland

Bay Area

Compassionate Health Options
San Jose 420 Evaluations
Oakland Marijuana Center
Affordable Evaluations
Norcal Health Care
Parvin Syal MD

Ventura / Santa Barbara / San Luis Obispo Counties

Thomas Sazani MD

San Bernardino / Palm Desert

Alternative Care Clinics
Medical Cannabis Evaluation Specialists
Serenity Medical Evaluations
Riverside Cannabis Consultants
Garrison Family Medical Group
SB Medical Evaluation
Gil Mintz, MD

Los Angeles County

Affordable Evaluations
Alternative Care Clinics
Aldridge Medical
Medical Marijuana Card Center
West Coast Evaluations
Emerald Health Group</a
Natural Care for Wellness
West Coast Cannabis Consultants

Northern California

Norcal Health Care – Ukiah
Compassionate Health Options
Sacramento Doctor
Cann Medical
United Health and Wellness
Price Less Evaluations
Alternative Health Solutions


Muscular Skeletal Med Associated
Dr. Diego Allende D.O.
Valley 420 Evaluations
Latif Ziyar MD Inc.
Medical Cannabis of Fresno
Medical Cannabis of Visalia
Bakersfield 420 Evaluations
Low Cost Medical Center
Norcal Health Care – Bakersfield
Control California Medical Clinic – Visalia
Control California Medical Clinic – Fresno

One thought on “Recommended Doctors

  1. I can’t speak for any of these others but I can tell you that Dr. Howard Ragland is a fraud. He may be a read doctor somewhere but in terms of recommending med mj use he is illegal acting. He will speak with you via skype for approximately 5-10 seconds before writing his recommendation. Any recommendation given via Skype is not recognized by the state of California! Doctors like this are making it difficult for genuine honest medical marijuana users who need it to be taken seriously. I’d double check the others here too. =) Good luck!

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