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Microdosing: The Rise of Low-Dose Consumption

4 Oct

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 1.29.00 PMMicrodosing is becoming more mainstream, with low-dose edibles and tinctures popping up at many collectives around California. Microdosing is the art of consuming small doses to gain the benefits of the plant, while limiting psychoactivity and maintaining a clearer head.

The use of cannabis is a very personal one: many of us react differently to the wide array of products, doses, and cannabinoid / terpene profiles. Some consume for medicinal benefits, some recreationally, but all of us have different tolerances and reactions. This has given rise to microdosing – as more people are introduced to cannabis, the need for varied (and smaller) doses will become more of the norm.

One study shows the power of microdosing, which found that patients with advanced cancer experienced the greatest relief in pain from the lowest dose of cannabinoids, while the highest dose actually increased pain.

Another study illustrates this point with 4mg of synthetic cannabinoid being administered for PTSD. The results show that there was a great reduction in chronic pain and PTSD-related insomnia and night terrors.

As a low-tolerance consumer, I have spent plenty of time experimenting with the “perfect” dose for my needs: mainly, pain and insomnia. Before I knew about microdosing, I’d eat a 60mg edible and end up feeling worse than I did before – anxious, paranoid, nauseas, and unable to attend to my day-to-day tasks. This lead me to experimenting – and have since found that 5mg is my sweet spot!

A great place to start with microdosing is 2.5mg for a few days to keep track of the effects and your experience with that particular dose. For those who already have a tolerance built-up and want to experiment with microdosing, a tolerance break is recommended (a few days to a week). Petra Mints are an awesome option for those wanting to discreetly enjoy microdosing, and build from there!

– Lauren, Goddess Delivers Team

6 Steps to Becoming a Cannabis Connoisseur

12 Dec

Cannabis tasting is a sophisticated process.

Similar to wine tasting, Cannabis evaluation is based on the complex elements of it’s texture, appearance, strength, and flavor. The composition of the soil that nourishes the plant, the cleanliness of the air, the temperature shifts throughout the season all influence the final qualities.

So how does a Cannabis Connoisseur evaluate quality?

Step One: Keep a journal.

With each new strain record the effects.

Each individual patient reacts to the medication differently. No two bodies are the same. They act and react to medications in personal ways. So it is up to the doctor and patient to work together to find the right balance. It is also up to the collective member to take the time to learn which plants fit their needs.

Keeping a dedicated record is the best way to optimize the experience.

Step Two: Vaporizing.

Some of the flavor are lost in the burning process. For full enjoyment of the tasty trees, vaporization is a cleaner way to evaluate the complexity of cannabis. Vaporizers come in a variety and shapes and sizes, including ones that can also serve as e-cigarrettes such as the Gentleman’s Brand Vapor Pens.

Step Three: Categorize

Wines can be labeled into broader categories, such as Reds and Whites, then smaller ones such as Cabernet or Pinot Noir.

The larger categories for marijuana are Indicas, Hybrids, Sativas, and CBD heavy strains.

For smaller groupings you can label them by genetics, such as Thai Stick, Purples, OG Kush, or Afgany, but there is so much crossbreeding that the strains are constantly benefiting from diversity and evolving into stronger and more effective medications.

Another classification is the individual’s interpretation.

This can include the full range of fruit flavors, such as grapes, citrus, blueberry, melon, strawberries, etc. It can also include savory elements such as honey, coffee, woody, tea, etc. There are also qualities that might not be quite as appealing, such as hints of chemicals, diesel, or ammonia.

Products such as the Ganja Goddess Capsules can’t be categorized by flavor, but they can be organized based on their effects.

Step Four: Engage the soft palate

When tasting, use deep breaths to inhale slowly and deep into the solar plexus, focusing on bringing the medication to every corner of your respiratory system.  Breathe out through both the nose and mouth so that the pallets of both scent and taste are activated at the same time. Exhale all the way, attempting to make the exhale even longer

Step Five: Space them Out

Proper wine tasting involves spitting the wine out, so that the evaluator doesn’t get drunk. Excessive intoxication desensitizes the taster to the subtleties of the strains. So for more accurate evaluation of the effects of each strains, the patient should follow the recommended dosage instructed by the doctor.

Step Six: Share Your Knowledge

Share your knowledge online with your collective! Post comments to this blog or email us your findings so that we can parse them out to the rest of our members.

The more knowledge we share, the more we have together.