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Flower of the Week: Tangie (Sativa)

28 Sep

Check out our new Flower of the Week series, featuring new strains available at Goddess Delivers. We are enjoying Tangie, a somewhat newer sativa strain from Amsterdam that crosses California Orange and Skunk. This strain is a good choice for those who lean towards sativa to help them keep lifted throughout the day, but prefer to stay away from the strains that keep them in their head a little too much.

Goddess members can order Tangie now for delivery!

Indica vs Sativa vs CBD

23 Jan

What is the difference between Indica, Sativa, and CBD heavy strains?

CBD – Cannabidiol

CBD is one of the 85+ cannabinoids found in cannabis. Unlike THC, on average it has no psychoactive properties. Current medical studies suggest that it has medical applications to conditions such as epilepsy, anxiety, bipolar disorder, nausea, convulsion and inflammation, and multiple sclerosis spasms. It has also been observed inhibiting cancer cell growth.

In layman’s terms, CBD is more medical and less intoxicating.


Unlike CBD, the term Sativa doesn’t always refer to a balance of cannabinoids in the plant. The two terms Indica and Sativa refer to differences in genetic breeding. Sativa dominant marijuana strains tend to grow taller and thinner, with a grassier smell to them.

Sativa strains are thought to be better for mental cognition.

Effects attributed to Sativas include:
Energy to accomplish tasks
Creative stimulation
Positive thoughts
Clear mind

Patients report using Sativas strains when they need medication during the day and need to be productive in a variety of environments. The chemical composition of Sativas generally are higher in THC with little to low levels of CBD.


Indica dominant strains tend to be shorter and thicker, better for confined spaces such as indoor grows. They often have a sweet or sour oder. Cannabis Indica have a broader thicker leaf that distinguish them from the Cannabis Sativa plant.

Indica strains are thought to be better for physical pain and relaxation.

Effects attributed to Indicas include:
Treatment for headaches and migraines
Relief from spasms and seizures
Reduced Anxiety and Stress
Pain relief

Patients report using Indicas when they need to go to sleep at night and don’t have to be highly functional. The chemical composition of Indicas are generally made up of moderate levels of THC and CBD.


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